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About 123 College

123 College is 20 years old and one of the largest nationwide college planning companies.
Since 1994, we have been your source for college planning information. We assist your student for all undergraduate years with board exam test preparation, choosing a major, choosing a college or university, financial aid negotiations, FAFSA / CSS Profile filing, and maximizing financial aid eligibility to get the most out of grants and scholarships.
Why is 123 College the perfect partner for guidance counselors and financial aid officers?
Guidance counselors and college financial aid officers are a part of your child’s educational team and play specific roles in helping him / her get into college. 123 College supplements their efforts and provides services that they often cannot. Guidance counselors can help students research schools, get information about the SAT or ACT, and help them with the application process.
What is the most financially beneficial way for parents to actually pay for college? How can they position themselves to receive the most financial aid possible?
These are questions that the vast majority of guidance counselors cannot answer. Why? because guidance counselors are great educational professionals, but they are not licensed financial professionals. Guidance counselors can certainly help you fill out forms, but when filing the FAFSA or CSS Profile, a financial professional trained in college planning would be able to go beyond that and offer legal strategies that help to maximize financial aid eligibility. similarly, financial aid officers can give you information about their specific college and help you fill out forms.
What school in your chosen area is the best financial choice for your child?
This is not a question that financial aid officers often answer. Why? Because they may be experts on their school, but it is not their job to give students a cost comparison and send them to another school if it happens to be a better financial choice. Financial aid officers work for their schools, whereas our allegiance lies with your family.
Why might your financial advisor be hazardous to your wealth?
It is not a good idea to see your financial advisor about college planning unless your advisor understands every line on the FAFSA and CSS Profile forms. The financial advisor can’t possibly put you in the proper investments without such expertise. 123 College spends hundreds of thousands of dollars obtaining and updating the data necessary for you to make sound college planning decisions. Please make sure any financial professional can clearly explain each line of the FAFSA or CSS Profile before taking any of their college planning advice.
Why 123 College?
123 College works closely with all of our senior counselors to make sure you are getting the best advice for your family. We produce a 70 to 90 page Student Profile Report that clearly explains how all of your income and assets affect how much you are expected to pay for college. We do all of this before your student even sends in an application to a school. Would you like to know exactly how much the colleges and universities are going to cost you before you apply? Would you like to know how to position your assets to keep from spending your retirement dollars?

How Can I Find Out If 123 College Can Help Me?

123 College can help every parent with a college-bound student. Our subscription, “The Promise,” includes 10 different services. Let us guide you through the entire process of financial aid and more. We are your college funding specialists.

How will my family benefit from the customized Student Profile Report?

No dollar amount can truly justify the worth of the customized Student Profile Report that we complete for each subscriber. The report contains relevant information that you might find on your own, except for the fact that we've already done all the research for you. The report also contains information that you won't find anywhere else because it's customized to your student and your family. You'll see how much every school you're considering, and every school that we've chosen for you, will cost you in your current situation. Then you'll see how much less they might cost you if your monies are in non-assessed investments. We do all of this before your student even sends in an application to the school. Think of how much time, effort, and money you can save on filling out applications, application fees, completing admission essays, and campus visits. If we can save you one trip across the country to visit a college or university, chances are it'll save you more than the cost of our entire program. That's not including any of the services you'll get for all of your student's undergraduate years.

Why should I hire a professional to file the FAFSA?

Ask yourself, "Do I know how every line on the FAFSA is going to affect how much I'll have to pay for each college or university my child might attend?" If the answer is no, you need professional assistance. The government FAFSA site does NOT explain how each line affects how much you're going to pay. In fact, they only run an error check for mistakes that may be decreasing your EFC (expected family contribution.) They don't check for errors that may be increasing your EFC. It's a one-sided system that is not in your favor.

The college or university's financial aid offices are certainly not going to tell you how to save money to go to their school. After all, they are a business. Simply put, going to a financial aid office to file your FAFSA is the same as going to the local IRS office to complete your income tax returns. We likely agree that's not the best option if you want to be put in the best situation possible.

123 College understands the FAFSA inside and out. We will analyze your data every year before we file the form to maximize your financial aid potential. Unlike other companies, all of our FAFSA filing is completed in our home office located in the United States. We pride ourselves as being the best in the industry. 123 College has been over 99% accurate with all filings the last 10 years. Our staff files over 10,000 FAFSAs each year. How is that for experience?

Why is it a vital factor that your student chooses a major before entering college?

Students are now taking longer and longer to graduate from college. Your student needs to choose a major before enrolling, or they could be in danger taking additional years to graduate. You could also be putting them in danger of dropping out altogether. On average, 15% of entering freshman drop out of college in the 1st semester. The average student is now taking over 5 years to graduate with their first bachelor's degree. It's important for your student to find a field that they not only enjoy doing but also excel at academically. This leads to the student staying in school and graduating on time. Four years of college costs is expensive enough. Don't be stuck paying for extra years of college when your student should be earning money in the workforce. 123 College provides a 2-hour long personality profile and aptitude test to help your student find a major or field of study.

How will my family benefit from 123 College savings plans or education IRAs?

Saving for college is an admirable burden taken on by many parents. The best savings for college is not always through 529 plans or educational IRA's. Whoever may have sold you a 529 plan or educational IRA probably forgot to leave out one very important fact. That is that both of these college funds are assessed in the financial aid formulas. They can be poor investments for those of you that can qualify for scholarships for college. 123 College senior counselors will provide you with all the information so you and your family can make sound decisions on this and all aspects of college funding.

Now Is The Best Time To Plan For College

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123 College Subscription

Subscribe to our services, and we will manage all your financial aid for the entire term of education to graduation. Our commitment to you will be one of total service and the best education your money can buy.
  • Develop a customized “Student Profile Report” that is approximately 70 to 90 pages filled with information regarding your eligibility for financial aid. It will also contain detailed information about colleges, universities, ACT / SAT board exams, AP / CLEP courses, etc.
  • Analyze your ability to qualify for college funding and to what extent by computing your expected family contribution for both the federal and complicated Institutional Methodology.
  • Assume annual responsibility for the completion of the complicated FAFSA form. We will also file the CSS Profile required by colleges that use the Institutional Methodology for a one-time fee, plus the registration and college costs charged by the College Board.
  • Provide a customized “College Search” that evaluates colleges you have specified and pinpoint others that offer the curriculum that fits your child’s career goal and a variety of other specified criteria. The schools chosen by 123 College are generally those schools that historically have offered a combination of high monetary awards and strong educational values.
  • Gain access to the 123 College “Negotiations Team.” We assist you by obtaining more financial aid with colleges and universities that offer you unexpectedly low funding. We evaluate your financial aid package(s) and determine if the correct amount of financial aid is being provided. In the event that the package is being under awarded or misawarded, we either contact the financial aid officers on your behalf or create letter(s) for you to send to the schools requesting additional financial aid.
  • Provide you with SAT / ACT practice study guide along with software produced by the Kaplan Learning Centers and guaranteed to improve test scores.

  • Provide access to a computer-driven, comprehensive college and career planning system. This online personality profile and aptitude test assists your student in choosing a major that they should not only enjoy but also excel in academically.
  • Inform your family about the top companies to obtain student loans that currently have the best interest rates and excellent customer service.
  • Provide a 1/2-hour one-on-one consultation with a 123 College “Senior College Counselor” to discuss your Student Profile Report, FAFSA and / or CSS Profile filing, and the financial aid process.
  • Provide you with a toll-free customer service number to call with any questions or any issues you may wish to discuss.
  • Today, 4 years of college costs $60,000 plus at a public university and costs upwards of $250,000 at a private university.
  • Statistics show that in 15 years the annual cost of a public university will be $45,000 and a private university will top $80,000.
  • Today, 60% of college students will take 5 – 6 years to graduate.
  • There are 35 million students in the U.S.
  • Several million will enter college this fall.
  • College costs are rising at 3 times the rate of inflation.
  • 92% of students will need financial aid.
  • 100% of parents like you will need financial planning strategies.

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Fact vs. Fiction


Many middle and upper-middle income families do qualify each year.


My income is too high, I won't qualify for financial aid.


Need-based aid is based upon income, assets, number of children, etc., and not on academic achievement. We specialize in helping students get both.


My child did not qualify to win a National Merit Scholarship.


There are millions of dollars of merit aid for those with academic, artistic, and athletic talent. 123 College conducts the most advanced search in the industry from a database of over 2 million different grants and scholarships for every subscriber.


If my child doesn't qualify for need-based aid, there is no hope.


Certain schools may assess your home value, other schools will not. 123 College shows you exactly which schools assess the home value. Our advisers can provide financial solutions.


Having a nice home will prevent me from getting aid.


While they can be helpful in some ways, just remember that they are employed by the school whose interests they are hired to protect. Would you want the IRS to do your taxes?


The college financial aid people at the schools will help.


Many before you were convinced it's not simple, easy, or fair. It is a complex process that requires professional assistance to be in the best situation possible.


It's a simple, easy, and fair process.