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Are you up to speed on all the retirement planning products available to you?  You probably already know about some of these products like IRAs and 401k accounts, but have you considered annuities as a savings vehicle?  Annuities are insurance-based contracts that can give you all sorts of advantages when you’re saving for retirement or trying to create a steady income stream that earns interest and offers tax advantages.  If you’re a resident of Wilmington, Delaware or anywhere else in the tristate area, the experienced retirement planners at Reliable Financial can help you find out more about annuities and everything they can do for your financial planning.

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Immediate annuities are one option you may want to consider if you already have a sizable nest egg that you’d like to convert into a steady income stream in the future.  With immediate annuities, you can take a lump sum of money and divide it into a series of individual payments over time.  While your money is invested in immediate annuities, it will grow with interest, making it a great investment vehicle for people close to retirement age who want to have guaranteed income in their golden years.  When you’re doing your financial planning, immediate annuities are one of many types of annuities you may want to consider.  The retirement planners at Reliable Financial can help residents of Wilmington, Delaware and nearby communities decide if annuities make sense for you and give you advice about how they can fit into your overall financial planning landscape.

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Of course, immediate annuities aren’t the only type of annuities you can use for retirement planning in Wilmington, Delaware and other cities in the tristate area.  When you speak to our financial planners, they’ll tell you about other types of annuities including fixed annuities, fixed-indexed annuities, deferred annuities, and variable annuities.  Each type of annuity works differently and has a different purpose. Some, like the fixed annuity, can be viable or even advantageous for retirement planning while others, like the variable annuity, can carry serious risks to the investor.  As another example, the fixed-indexed annuity can protect you from losing your principal in the event of a stock market crash, and other annuity types may come bundled with hefty fees that eat into your growth.  Before you make any decisions about purchasing an annuity for your financial planning, it’s important that you understand each product and how it works.  The expert financial planners at Reliable Financial will always go the extra mile to ensure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision about which products work best for you.  You can trust us to look out for your best interests at all times.

If you live in Wilmington, Delaware or any of its surrounding communities, the financial planners at Reliable Financial want to speak with you about annuity products and other financial vehicles you can use to save money or plan for emergencies.  Whether you’re interested in finding out more about retirement planning in Bucks County, PA, or you’re looking for a retirement planner in South Jersey, our office is located right nearby.  Our retirement planners can tell you more about your annuity options or any other type of insurance product that can be used to save for the future or protect you and your family no matter what happens.  Give us a call at (856) 667-1480 to schedule a no-cost consultation with our financial planners today!  You can also send an email to or visit our contact page and fill out the online form.

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